Book Review: An Accidental Corpse by Helen A. Harrison

“An Accidental Corpse” by Helen A. Harrison is a most excellent book. The plot flowed well, the storyline made sense, the mystery was interesting (with a logical outcome, given the preceding clues), the major characters were well drawn and appealing, and the setting (both time and place) was incredibly well portrayed.

The book was also well-written in terms of actual writing style. Ms. Harrison is obviously extremely well-versed in her subject matter, having written non-fiction works on Mr. Pollack, his art, and his time period. She seamlessly weaves her knowledge into a “what if” speculative historical fiction plot. The book is blissfully free of grammatical and other editing errors as well. The author comes across as a true professional, and I hope she continues her forays into this genre.

Five out of five slices of my absolute favorite sharp cheddar!



Book Review: Not a Creature Was Purring by Krista Davis

“Not a Creature Was Purring” by Krista Davis is an excellent addition to the Paws & Claws Mystery series! As always, the characters are well-drawn and believable; this is especially evident in this book due to the number of new characters/guests at the inn. Had they not all been incredibly distinctive, it could have been tricky keeping everyone straight. The reader is treated to a more in-depth characterization of Aunt Birdie; I’d love to see a future storyline include a side-plot involving Holly helping her aunt write her autobiography. It would be fascinating to learn more of Birdie’s back story.

The murder itself was well-plotted and well-placed, with plenty of red herrings to keep the reader guessing. Once the culprit was revealed, everything made perfect sense based on what the reader (and chief sleuth Holly) had learned throughout the book.

Although I very much enjoyed the mystery storyline, I would have loved this book even without it. As other reviewers have mentioned, I wish Wagtail was a real place. I’d love to visit, stay at the inn, meet all the regular characters, and enjoy everything the town has to offer. “Not a Creature Was Purring” made this feeling even stronger as it details all the wonderful local holiday traditions. I would have been perfectly happy just visiting this delightful pet-friendly place again and spending time with old friends.

Five out of five chunks of Gruyere!

Book Review: That Last Weekend by Laura DiSilverio

Laura DiSilverio may be one of the most versatile writers that I follow. I first met her through her cozy mysteries, then went on to enjoy her YA dystopian trilogy. Now, I can add her newest suspense novel, “That Last Weekend”, to the list.

“That Last Weekend” tells the story of five college friends who got together for a girls’ weekend once a year at a bed and breakfast. When their last weekend together ended in tragedy, the ladies fell out of touch until they received invitations ten years later to revisit their favorite B&B and their old relationships.

The reader meets the five main characters, as well as the key people in each of their lives, in fairly quick succession at the start of the book. It is a tribute to Ms. DiSilverio’s wonderfully rich characterizations that you never feel confused about who is who. Each key figure is well-drawn and unique, and therefore easy to remember.

The plot itself unfolds at a nice pace, alternating between (mostly) the current events at the B&B with occasional flashbacks to what happened the last time. When tragedy strikes anew, the friends vow to work together to prove themselves innocent, as well as to uncover the truth about what happened during their previous visit. The police officer who believed one of them was guilty ten years ago is now the sheriff; the fact that he heads up the current investigation makes for some interesting dynamics between him the and suspects, as well as a wonderful plot development that I won’t share to avoid being spoiler-ish.

About mid-way through the book, I was positive that I knew who had committed each of the crimes. I was both surprised and delighted to learn that I had been completely wrong! The clues are all there, but they aren’t easy to unravel. The reader will enjoy uncovering information (both new and old) about the events that transpired, and trying to figure out who the guilty party is.

I highly recommend “That Last Weekend” to fans of mysteries, group-of-friends stories, and anyone who enjoys an incredibly well-written novel!

Five out of five yummy chunks of cheddar!


Book Review: The Secret, Book, & Scone Society by Ellery Adams

“The Secret, Book, and Scone Society” by Ellery Adams is an absolutely wonderful start to a new cozy mystery series! The story is centered upon Nora, a woman with scars both physical and emotional. Nora runs a bookshop and often helps customers heal from emotional trauma by suggesting just the right mix of books. One such potential reader is found dead before he can enjoy his books, and Nora sets out to determine what really happened.

The mystery is well-plotted, with enough clues and information provided to the reader to keep things interesting, but never enough to make the answer obvious. Nora thinks things through and takes logical steps to solve the mystery, instead of bumbling around and occasionally coming across a clue (like so many cozy heroines are prone to do). Of course, this doesn’t mean that she never does anything dangerous or stupid! Nora’s flaws are actually what make the reader love her; perfect heroines get annoying quickly.

The book also shines in the area of characters and their relationships with one another. Despite running a successful business, Nora has kept herself fairly closed off from others. As the mystery unfolds, she finds herself drawing together a group of like-minded women with problems of their own. As the story progresses, each woman begins to share her secrets and find personal healing. I love the way that these personal journeys are woven into the mystery plotline, and look forward to watching the friendships deepen as the group goes on to solve future crimes (which will undoubtedly occur in their cozy town).

Honestly, I can’t say enough good things about “The Secret, Book, and Scone Society”. It has everything a typical cozy should (including a crew of very oddly-behaving cats), but brings so much more to the table. Nora’s character in particular has the potential for extensive growth and development in future installments of this series. The other regular characters (plus one mysterious newcomer) also have plenty of room to grow and provide the bases for more stories.

Overall, five chunks of the tastiest, sharpest cheddar available!Chewie.doodle

Book Review: Love Literary Style by Karin Gillespie

I feel that I should preface this review by saying that I don’t read a lot of romance novels. I do, however, occasionally read and enjoy the genre, and I was intrigued by this book’s setting in the literary world. I am so glad that I decided to read it!

Yes, there is definitely a love story as a case of mistaken identity leads to an aspiring literary writer falling in love with a self-published romantic comedy writer. The relationship between the two is handled with humor, but also with a depth of character and plot development that is often missing in love stories.

In addition to the mistaken-identity romance storyline, the reader will enjoy learning a bit about the business of writing and publishing from both main characters’ perspectives. You’ll follow Aaron in his quest to follow the traditional route to publication via an agent and major publishing house, as well as Laurie’s self-published, social-media-heavy career made possible largely by her own determination.

A high point of the story for me was Laurie’s relationship with Aaron’s father, which provided additional emotional depth for both characters. Pet lovers will be pleased by some dog-related antics, and saddened by some not-so-happy moments. The surprise character reveal at the end was delightful, as I did NOT see it coming, and it fit perfectly with the storyline. (I won’t say more to avoid spoilers.)

Although a romance is the key element of this book, the story offers so much more than that. Ms. Gillespie has a lot to say about learning who you really are, accepting that once you’ve figured it out, and truly devoting yourself to going after what you want in life.

Five out of five hunks of my favorite yummy cheddar!

St. Francis Thrift Shop, 6 Southwood Park Drive Hilton Head Island, SC

The St. Francis Thrift Shop on Hilton Head is definitely worth a visit. It is one of the larger shops, with one full room for clothing and household items, and a separate area for furniture and other larger pieces.

The prices are generally good, with an approximate $3.00 starting price for clothing separates (ie shirts, shorts). Of note is the .50 t-shirt rack, where you can find a nice variety of event-specific, advertising-type shirts. I pickup up a nice pink one from the Hilton Head Rugby Club.

Everything is well organized and sorted by type of item.  There are also typically several specials, which are posted near the entrance and throughout the store. On the day I visited, items with a certain color tag were all $1.00, and another color tag was 50% off. There is a designer section in the back that is worth checking out; it has its own half-price section, and there are plenty of reasonably priced brands in that area.

My biggest complaint about the shop is that the sale prices can be somewhat *flexible”. Just because the signage clearly states something is on sale (ie blue tags are 50% off) does NOT necessarily mean that all items with blue tags are 50% off. I tried to purchase a blue tag item and was told that this specific item was excluded from the sale. I asked for an explanation, as it was clearly stated in multiple places throughout the store that blue tags were reduced, and was not given a satisfactory answer. (The explanation that “the cost of this item is already low enough” did not work for me. If ALL blue tags aren’t 50% off, then the signs should say so. If a volunteer put the wrong tag or price on an item, the store should still honor it.)

The cashier who assisted me was not particularly friendly, and did not seem at all familiar with the store’s pricing and specials. While not overtly rude, she didn’t smile or seem happy to be there. (I will mention that the gentleman doing the bagging was very personable. I enjoyed chatting with him, and it was because of his friendliness that my overall rating isn’t lower.)

This cashier also had no clue about the specials. She didn’t seem to believe me when I told her that the two t-shirts I had found on the .50 rack (these were not priced individually) were actually .50. I had to point the rack out to her so that she could read the sign for herself. Then she didn’t know that one tag color meant that the item was on sale for $1.00; I had to direct her to the nearest sign (which was ON the checkout counter) before she would honor the price. There was also the above-referenced “THIS blue tag is excluded from the 50% off sale, although we have no real explanation as to why” issue I mentioned above.

I should also note that, last summer, I had a similar problem. There was a sign by the belt rack saying that cloth belts were on sale for .50. I spent quite a bit of time looking through them all, and selected several cloth belts. The cashier tried to charge me $2.00 each for them, as that is the standard price for belts. I explained about the sale sign; she said that is must have been posted by mistake and didn’t want to honor the price. I argued enough that the posted price was eventually honored, but don’t enjoy feeling like I have try to convince a store to honor posted prices.

Final verdict: A nice shop, with plenty of good deals to be found. Just be prepared to argue your case if the cashier doesn’t want to honor the store’s posted sale pricing!