Month: January 2021

Book Review: When Harry Met Minnie by Martha Teichner

“When Harry Met Minnie” by Martha Teichner is, on the surface, a charming story of a dog finding a new home. It includes plenty of adorable pet anecdotes, and lots of information about the bull terrier breed.

However, this book is so much more than just another cute dog story, and gives the reader plenty to ponder long after the story has concluded. It delves into what, exactly, it means to live beautifully. Even more importantly, there are lessons on how to die beautifully, with grace and dignity. (Yes, parts of the story are sad. At the same time, those sad parts are also beautiful in their own way, and bring a positive spin to a very difficult subject.)

The reader will also learn more about Martha’s life and the various things that are important to her. I especially enjoyed the time spent discussing what everyday life in NYC is like, and getting a glimpse into that world.

I must also add that Ms. Teichner writes well. She shares information in an interesting way and tells her story clearly and logically. As an added bonus, she is a skilled technical writer, and the reader can enjoy this book free of typos and other errors so commonly found in published works.

All in all, I recommend this book to:

  1. Dog lovers
  2. Fans of NYC
  3. Anyone who enjoys a good true story
  4. Anyone who’d like to ponder beauty, in life as well as death

Five out of five slices of perfect provolone!