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Red Roof Inn, 1902 Cedar Creek Road, Fayetteville, NC

My family and I spent the night of 7/15/16 at the Red Roof Inn at 1902 Cedar Creek Road, Fayetteville, NC. My first overwhelming impression upon entering the room was the incredible HEAT. Now, I understand that it tends to be warm in NC during July, and that the hotel management would not want to run the AC at full blast in an empty room. However, the AC should not be turned off completely so that the room heats up like a sauna. Knowing guests would be arriving, surely someone could have turned the unit on to a balmy setting of 80 or 85 degrees?

In any case, it was entirely too hot to remain in the room, so we cranked up the AC and went out to dinner. By the time we returned, it was slightly cooler, but still uncomfortably hot in the room. I could only stand to remain inside at all by sitting right beside the AC unit, with the air blowing in my face. By around 4am, the room had cooled enough to be tolerable (although still too hot) for those sleeping in the bed furthest from the air conditioner. Even with the door left open, the bathroom never cooled off enough to be pleasant. The AC did seem to be working fine, as cold air was coming out of the unit. However, it was obviously inadequate to cool the entire room on short notice. Also, it was incredibly loud. As cutting it off was NOT an option, nobody slept well that night. Depending on the time, we were either too hot to sleep (and kept awake by the loud AC unit) or moderately comfortable and able to doze off (while being regularly awakened by the loud AC unit).

On the positive side, housekeeping had done a very impressive job. I didn’t notice any part of the room that wasn’t thoroughly cleaned, the room smelled fresh, and the beds were made with the tightest hospital edges and corners I’ve ever seen in a hotel. The shower was also quite good…the water pressure was strong enough, and once the water temperature was set to where I wanted it, it stayed there for the duration of of the shower. As mentioned previously, however, it was entirely too hot in the bathroom to even dress in there after getting out of the shower.

On another negative note,  the toilet clogged up. When we called the front desk, we were told that our only option was to walk down to the desk, get a plunger, come back to the hot bathroom in the hot hotel room, unclog the toilet ourselves, then trek back to the front desk to return the plunger. Very poor customer service!

Also, the mini-fridge in the room did not have any sort of temperature control. We put some just-purchased fresh fruit in the fridge (to protect it from the heat) and woke up to find it frozen. We had to throw it away.

Honestly,  I wish I could give this Red Roof Inn a better review, as I imagine not all rooms were as bad as ours. The two smaller incidents (toilet and fridge) would not have been nearly so bothersome if not for the heat problem. Unfortunately, because of the unbearably hot room combined with the loud yet inadequate AC unit, I am forced to rate my experience as:

2 out of 5 provolone wedges (and the management should give the Housekeeping Team a HUGE thank you, as without their efforts, the hotel would be looking at 1 wedge (or maybe less….)