Month: January 2019

Book Review: An Accidental Corpse by Helen A. Harrison

“An Accidental Corpse” by Helen A. Harrison is a most excellent book. The plot flowed well, the storyline made sense, the mystery was interesting (with a logical outcome, given the preceding clues), the major characters were well drawn and appealing, and the setting (both time and place) was incredibly well portrayed.

The book was also well-written in terms of actual writing style. Ms. Harrison is obviously extremely well-versed in her subject matter, having written non-fiction works on Mr. Pollack, his art, and his time period. She seamlessly weaves her knowledge into a “what if” speculative historical fiction plot. The book is blissfully free of grammatical and other editing errors as well. The author comes across as a true professional, and I hope she continues her forays into this genre.

Five out of five slices of my absolute favorite sharp cheddar!