Book Review: The Sound of Light by Sarah Sundin

“The Sound of Light” by Sarah Sundin is a historical novel set in Denmark during World War 2. The author skillfully weaves in a lot of information about historical events, daily life, and the mindset of various parts of society. I enjoyed the new things I learned, and the book never felt like a history text. All of the information shared was a natural and easy-to-read part of the story. I enjoyed the viewpoints of both main characters, Else, an American scientist working in Copenhagen, and Henrik/Hemming, a young Dane who is working with the resistance. Each had a unique perspective on the German occupation, and both shed a great deal of light on the topic.

The romance between Hemming and Else was handled beautifully. Their initial meeting didn’t bode well for a romantic future, and I enjoyed watching them get to know each other, and try to understand each other’s viewpoints about the current events they were living through. I honestly believed what each person was thinking and feeling, and could understand their logic. I especially enjoyed what happened once Else learned that “Hemming” wasn’t exactly who he claimed to be. The author wrote the entire relationship realistically and cleverly, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about it.

Honestly, this is one of my favorite books of the year so far. The mix of fantastic characters, historical information, and romance is absolutely perfect. As an added bonus, although I’ve read a fair amount of historical fiction set during this time period, this is the first I’ve seen focused on the Danish perspective. I always enjoy reading something I haven’t seen before!

Five out of five slices of perfect Provolone!


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