Captain Woody’s, 6 Target Road, Hilton Head, SC

We had dinner at Captain Woody’s on July 22, 2016. The overall ambiance of the restaurant was exactly what you’d expect from a seafood place in a beach town. There was plenty of wood planking, featuring an indoor “dock”, palm trees with lights, and a wonderful string light display covering the ceiling. There was no AC, but the giant ceiling fan kept the air circulating enough to keep the main dining area at a comfortable temperature.

The food was very good, and mostly reasonably priced. I had a very large salad with grilled chicken for $9.99. The chicken was cooked perfectly and lightly seasoned, and the salad included a variety of greens, onions, two kinds of peppers, carrots, tomatoes, and cucumbers. The highlight, however, was the light tomato vinaigrette dressing. Slightly spicy, with a nice tomato flavor, it was a welcome change from the usual balsamic that every other restaurant offers as the only light option.

Another diner in our party ordered the fish and chips platter (fish, fries, and hushpuppies), and said that everything was delicious, especially the fish. I sampled both the fries and hushpuppies, and thought both were quite tasty. Of note, the hushpuppies had some peppers baked into them, making them a bit different than what I’ve tried at other restaurants. Our junior diner thoroughly enjoyed his grilled cheese sandwich with bacon.

The service was prompt and friendly. All the waitstaff members we saw were dressed in casual shorts and Captain Woody’s t-shirts. I was pleased to see that they all looked comfortable and appropriate, unlike the servers at many restaurants who are apparently required to wear the tightest clothing they can possibly fit into.

A couple of minor points:
1. Our table appeared to have been wiped down, but it was still sticky when we were seated.
2. I thought the hushpuppy appetizer was a bit overpriced compared to the rest of the menu, at $6 for 8 hushpuppies. They were quite tasty, but a few more would have been nice for the price.

Plus bonus points for the awesome autographed photo of Dick Butkus!

Overall, four out of five wheels of gouda!




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