Up the Creek, 8 Simmons Road, Hilton Head, SC

During my travels around town yesterday (July 19, 2016), a local I was chatting with recommended Up the Creek as a great place to eat and watch the fireworks (the town puts on a show every Tuesday at 9:30pm). I followed his advice and have to say that this place is one of the area’s lesser-known gems.

First, the restaurant offers both interior and patio seating, both of which were quite pleasant during the dinner hour. The indoor decor was a delightful mix of directly-on-the-wall painting, hanging art, and unique kitsch. My favorites included the dollar bills upon which patrons had written various messages, and the display of hanging hats (most likely a unique lost and found display?).  Perfect island flair!

The service was prompt and friendly. Everyone working there was constantly on the move, working, chatting with customers, and generally looking happy to be there. The staff seemed willing and eager to pitch in as needed to serve the patrons as efficiently as possible.

The food was also good. As usual, I sampled the meals ordered by my dinner companions, both of whom ordered the burger/fries meal. The burgers were wonderful, juicy, and cooked exactly to order. The fries were particularly good, with just the right amount of seasoning. I ordered an entree salad, and was pleased with it, although (in general) I interpret “mixed greens” to mean more of a variety than just iceberg and romaine. The salad was topped with a generous amount of tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese, and croutons (onions also available, but I opted out). Plenty of tasty dressing was served on the side, to be added to taste.

My one complaint about the whole experience (and the thing that kept me from being able to give a 5-slice rating) was that, for some unknown reason, my personal side order of hushpuppies was served to the table (well before the meal) as an appetizer. As it seemed rude to point out to the rest of the party that the dish was part of my meal, I only had a few bites of my side dish. The hushpuppies were wonderful, but, as a rule, any dish not ordered as an appetizer, or “for the table/for the group” should be served as part of the meal, and only to the person who actually ordered it.

The single, unisex bathroom was well-stocked and remarkably clean, given the amount (virtually constant steam) of use it got while I was in the restaurant. It also sported nice decor in keeping with the overall theme of the establishment.

I highly recommend trying this restaurant, especially on a Tuesday night around 7 or 7:30pm (to allow plenty of time to catch the fireworks from the nearby dock afterwards).

4.5 out of 5 provolone slices!





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