Ruby Tuesday, 1936 Cedar Creek Road, Fayetteville, NC

I had dinner at the Fayetteville, NC Ruby Tuesday on 7/15/16. Overall, my experience was excellent. Our server, Christian, was exceptional. He was polite and friendly, greeting us shortly after we sat down, and taking care of everything we needed with speed and a smile. He was talkative enough to be personable, without being over-the-top (a rare quality in a server). I honestly can’t say enough good things about him. Excellent service!

The food was good also. I personally had a chicken entree, which was very tasty despite a bit of gristle along one edge. My first side was fresh green beans, made even better by their proximity to the delicious sauce from the chicken. I opted for the salad bar as my second side, and was very pleased. There were four types/mixes of fresh greens to choose from, as well as plenty of toppings, two cheeses, wonderful fresh croutons, and lots of salad dressing choices. My one suggestion would be more lite/low-calorie dressing options, but all-in-all, a most excellent salad bar experience.

Other members of my party ordered a different chicken entree (with lots of cheese, which looked wonderful) and a burger/fries combo (which I sampled, and look forward to ordering in the future).

The temperature in the restaurant was perfect, every staff member I saw was friendly, and I highly recommend this location.

Five out of five cheddar slices!


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